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Preparing Salad

hot box catering

feeding hungry crew all over London


We know how long your days on set can be. Let's make make your long day,
a delicious one.

The braizen kitchen have been catering shoots for many years, from small fashion shoots to large commercials. We understand the time frames you work to and the importance of reliable & thoughtful service. In us, you have a safe pair of hands. 


We create a weekly changing menu, showing off whatever the season has to offer.

From filling brekkies to energising lunches & banging puddings, we’ve got you covered.

We offer a rock solid guarantee, book with us & your production will be 100% better…

OK, sorry that is big headed, we know, we know, a bold claim, but we are sure you will agree! 

Prices start at £38 + VAT for breakfast, lunch & tea.

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